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We never did get to finish HeroQuest - in some way's it was a fool's errand anyhow. Some day, on a distant planet and in a different time - maybe. The few times we played it was fun though.

Die Macher has still not arrived from - they continue to believe it is yet to be released. At the very least they finally shipped the other items without making me pay for the shipping. I would cancel my order, but the price is pretty good. If I manage to find a copy in vivo I'll likely pick it up.
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Hero Quest

We're gonna do it, and it's going to be AWESOME.

The Witch King is totally goin' down!

Mike Dedourek has pretty much everything that was released for the game in North America except for the Elf Quest (which seems to sell for over $200 on Ebay, though you can get most of the other stuff for cheap). If anyone knows how we could get ahold of the Elf Quest that'd be awesome, though I'm not holding my breath.

So, it remains to find other interested people and to set a date. We may not get through it in one sitting, but we can see how far we get anyway. Andrew and Trish might be up for it, and we can probably talk to Andrew about it on Tuesday night. If not I'm sure we can find some other people or, if it comes down to it, double up on heroes. Also, we'll have to get some mad snack action happening for this, and a good supply of communal food.

I call Elf!
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First post

A list of games that I own with brief reviews/descriptions:

  • A Game of Thrones (w/ the a Clash of Kings expansion) - a really great game, with maybe a bit too much predictability due to the fixed start, which means that first few turns are usually fixed as well due to the limited number of plays to start out with, but past that point there is a great deal of variability in play and options, depending on your choices, the choices of others, and a few random elements. The non-random combat system is a huge bonus, and gives the game a neat strategic edge, which also includes a fair bit of analyzing and bluffing. I'd rate this as the best war-themed strategic game I've played to date. The game can play with as little as 2 players, but is only really worthwhile when played with 5 (and 6 is even better). The learning curve for thus game is quite steep and a first game is not likely to go well until you learn the subtleties of the game. I've played a fair bit myself and I still tend to forget how to play most of the factions at the start - although this probably owes to the length of time between plays as well. I'd really like to play this more often (in fact a lack of consistent players for this one is what has prompted me to start this community).

  • Axis and Allies - I own the old edition, which has never been too great. I played the newer edition a few months ago and had a good time. A game without too much replayability in my mind, but can be fun nonetheless.

  • Risk 2210 - the high level of randomness to the this game is it's biggest weak point, but the simplicity (although when compared to standard risk this game is out-of-control), and pure fun/carnage of this game make it decent to play infrequently.

  • Settlers of Catan (w/ the cseafarers and cities and knights expansion) - I hardly play this one anymore, but like most board game enthusiasts this remains a stalwart game. When I started playing boardgames we'd play this one frequently, and it makes for a great introductory game I feel. On the whole, however, it has lost most of it's appeal for me, and I'll generally only play it to introduce new people to boardgames. That being said I'm sure I could enjoy some classic match-ups (I'll get revenge for that road placement someday Mark!)

  • Runebound - Strictly beer and pretzels. A hack and slash adventure on a tabletop. Easy setup, and light rules make it a game worth playing.

  • Puerto Rico - A top notch game which has zero randomness, and is a game of pure strategy and prediction. I really like this game, but don't get to play it often in RL due to the heavy rule set.

  • San Juan - the card game version of Puerto Rico. Allows play for two-players. Lacks a lot of the strategy of PR, but is easier to learn. A fun game.

  • Zombies!!! (w/ the Zombie Corps(e), and Mall Walkers expansions) - I do love Zombies, but this game is a bit long for the little amount of fun you'll get out of it. The first few games you play will be great fun, and will provide lots of comedy, but past that there isn't much to offer. I'd love to make another zombie game with all those great plastic Zombie mini's though. The people who made this game have a newer one called MedEvil, which uses more or less the same setup and is set in the Evil Dead world. The mechanics vary a little, but it fixes a lot of problems from Zombies!!! and was much better.

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill - Probably the best beer and pretzels game I have. Light rules, and great atmosphere make this game a lot of fun. No strategy involved here, just pure wacky fun.

  • Twilight Imperium, 3rd edition - What to say about TI3? This game has space exploration and warfare, technology, politics, alliances, and unique races, yet takes about 8-12 hours to play, and may or may not have some fairly broken mechanics.  I really do think this is a great game, and with some tweaks can be made to be a lot faster and more interesting. Haven't played this on over a year likely. Will I ever again?

  • World of Warcraft boardgame - TI3 and this game share the same designer, Christian T. Petersen, who made AGOT as well. I feel he is a talented game maker, and produces some great titles. One fault with his games is that they tend to need to be played a certain way or else the mechanics upon which they are predicated won't work right. This means that players need to be aware of and/or need to adopt certain strategies in order for play to be fulfilling. In the WoW boardgame for instance PvP combat supposedly comprises a great deal of the strategy at higher or competent levels of play, yet it is rather obvious that PvP combat is almost never a worthwhile proposition, even in those situations where there are extra incentives to do so based on random events that reward PvP further. In the end this game is a little too shallow and random for me to enjoy it's play (in addition, PvP combat may be horribly broken, we once had a single PvP battle that lasted near an hour - not fun). This game might do a little better with some tweaking, but I haven't had the inspiration to do this. Another game with great mini's that really should be crafted to some other purpose. Expanded talent trees might make this game more interesting too. To the extent that there might be interesting party combinations available to those willing to take the time to be creative with them. As it stands this isn't really available. Having not played this game in a while I could probably stand to play it again. On a positive note: This game has the players divided into two teams, alliance and horde, this simple act makes for a great deal of fun, and was the prime reason I bought the game (I liked the idea of playing a board game on a team). It does tend to divide the play, however, as it can often feel like it's just you and your teamates playing with little attention paid to the other side.

  • Illuminati, the card game - another beer and pretzels game which can be good fun if everyone is in the right mood.

  • Hacker, the card game - Haven't played this one a whole lot (despite owning it for many years), but I remember it's decently interesting and fun.

  • I also own GO, Chess, and Crokinole, and like to play them, but don't have anything to say about them right now